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#1-This is a brief 1 minute welcome and general overview of the web tool, Property Watch. Property Watch Video

#2-How to log to web site, open saved search, run the saved search to see what is on the market, check and modify email settings. 5 min Utube video: Web Site Log In Video

#3 - How to create a "school district" home search. Create, select schools, select email options, and save a search. Utube video: School Search Video

   My Favorite Helpful Links:

  1. School Distric Ratings: Oregon Dept of Education Link
  2. Rent Guestimator Rentometer: https://www.rentometer.com/
  3. Find Rentals by location, price, features, pets and more. Smartphone GPS feature: PadMapper
  4. Get to know Sherwood: 365 Things to do in Sherwood